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  • Lucy Roadarmel says:

    Great website!

  • Dee Volz says:

    This has always been an extraordinary party. Even though I’m 89 this year, I plan to come and dance to that remarkable band and enjoy the costumes and the fantasy. Last year was brilliant and I’m sure it will be again. The Women’s Club was a delightful venue, but a little too small to accommodate the dancing, which overflowed again last year at the Art Center, but only a little. You are all to be commended for the time and effort you put forth for this great event. Dee V.

  • Joods Art Fool says:

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  • Robn Parsons says:

    This will be my first Ojai Mardi Gras – I hope to dance with you Dee! Maybe you can show me some moves. 🙂

  • pamlib says:

    I have not received an email after paying through Paypal on Oct 24th, with the address. I also can’t find any contact info on any of these pages! Who do I call?

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