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OMG 1998 girls dance floor.jpg
OMG 1998 girls dance floor.jpg


  • Tiara says:

    Great blog!! I am a HUGE fan of Mardi Gras since I went to my first one several years ago. My first was the first one after Katrina- so it was uilkne all the ones before (from what I was told) I met so many great people who invited me to join them along the parade route, shared drinks and stories of Mardi Gras past with me. Gave me the history and meaning of the things I was seeing and what to expect next. I adopted a Mardi Gras Mom that year and actually found her in the crowd on Canal the next year when I not only came to N.O. for Mardi Gras but talked friends into joining me and we joined the Krewe of Morpheus and rode for the first time. I’ve been a couple other times and riden one more time, but haven’t been last year and doesn’t look like I’ll make it down this year either. I put up a Mardi Gras tree- on 12th night- and make my King Cakes from scratch- baby and all. Can’t wait to check back to see what you blog next. Thanks and keep up the spirit!!! Best wishes from N.C.

  • Chou says:

    Hi, I am the leader of Mufasa Brass Band, a new brass band in ibmole with veteran musicians and a combined experience of over 20 years in Mobile Mardi Gras. We specialize in traditional Mardi Gras Standards such as Second line, Saints go marching in, Audubon Zoo as well as mainstreem pop songs. We would love to bring Mobile Mardi Gras spirit to your town. If possible, can someone e-mail me contact information from your area Mardi Gras Societies that might be interested in having us be a part of their Mardi Gras celebration!

    • Raquel says:

      Hi there,I came across your site and rlleay like this Mardi Gras mask picture:I run a small events space in Brooklyn, NY that’s having a Mardi Gras party and I was wondering if I could use the picture in our flyer. All the proceeds from the party go toward paying rent and bills for the space and also toward our efforts to become a not-for-profit organization.

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